Enterprise today is evolving at a fast pace, managing maintenance costs, vendor requirements and system stability demands requires time and expertise – but doing so results in substantial business benefits.

a2zIT’s support services empowers SMEs and SMBs  to respond effectively and efficiently for IT requirements and challenges. We will provide you with expert assistance, tools and technologies that keeps your IT infrastructure up and running with zero downtime so that you can focus on your core business and stay competitive. We provide production support, on-call support of the applications in the following areas:

  • Enterprise wide software applications including ERP, CRM, PoS, WMS, FMS, etc.
  • Weekend and holidays support.
  • Support on BI and analytical applications.
  • Incident prevention, trouble shooting.
  • Cloud services.
  • AMCs and Managed services by providing resources on site on monthly, weekly thrice basis etc.

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